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Australian Mountain Doodle


Branching out

We had our very first Bernedoodle litter in July, 2021! Wow. What an adventure! We find ourselves falling in love more and more with this sweet and beautiful blend!

People will often call  our particular Bernedoodle combination “Australian Mountain Doodles” because of the Aussie that Reginald, the sire to our puppies carries. Because our Bernedoodle puppies currently carry just 1/8 Aussie we are now simply referring to this delightful combo as Bernedoodle.

Top qualities in a Bernedoodle

  • Low shedding
  • Low allergen
  • Outgoing
  • Easy to please
  • Gentle
  • Affectionate
  • Fast learning
  • Loyal
  • People-loving
  • Exceptional companions

What you can expect from your Bernedoodle

You can expect your Bernedoodle puppy to reach approximately 45 lbs. at maturity. Your puppy comes home to you loved and socialized, up-to-date on shots and de-wormer, with vet examination. We send all puppies home with puppy care instructions, puppy’s vaccination records, and a small bag of the food he or she is eating.


Below are photos of the puppies available

Our puppies are on a first come basis or you can reserve one by contacting us and provide a down payment.

Bernedoodle pup out of Estella and Reginald! 



Meet Cliff! Cliff is extremely sweet, intelligent, and gentle.

Cliff is affectionate and loves people of all ages. He is $1700 + tax.


Australian Mountain Doodle


Estella is an absolute gem. She is extremely gentle, so easy to train, and is the most intuitive dog we have! She has a calming presence.  She weighs approximately 70 pounds, is AKC registered and has cleared her OFA and genetic testing!

Australian Mountain Doodle


Sienna is beautiful, wise, and extremely affectionate. She is an attention lover who is happy to stay at your side always! Sienna weighs about 70 pounds, is AKC registered and has cleared her OFA and genetic testing!

Australian Mountain Doodle


Regi is the sire to our Bernedoodle puppies!

Regi is a moyen (mid-size) blue merle Aussiedoodle. He weighs 23 lbs. and stands 15 inches tall at the shoulder. He belongs to Legacy Lane Kennel of Grove City, MN. Regi is truly stunning!

He ¼ Aussie and ¾ Poodle.  He is highly intelligent, energetic, and fun loving. Excellent OFA clearances and Embark tested.